Unique Night Market in Điện Biên Province

ĐBP - Highland markets consistently offer tourists a distinctive and emotional cultural experience when visiting mountainous areas, and the Tủa Chùa Night Market in Tủa Chùa District is precisely such a captivating place.

Venturing into the market, visitors not only engage in buying, selling, and trading goods but also allow their emotions and sentiments to be enveloped by the mountains and forests of Điện Biên Province.

Every Saturday, as the sun gradually sets, the Tủa Chùa Night Market comes alive with music and singing. The melodic sounds of flute and lip lute, accompanied by folk songs, ethnic tunes, and dances of the Mông, Thái, and Dao people, resonate with the hearts of the attendees.

The musical festivities at the night market, performed weekly by local residents and students in the district, stand out not only as a highlight of the market but also as an opportunity for ethnic groups to showcase their unique culture to the broader community.

Đặng Tiến Công, Deputy Head of the Tủa Chùa District Culture and Information Division, remarked, "Tủa Chùa Night Market is a vivid portrayal reflecting the economic development in the progressively innovative Tủa Chùa rural area. People from highland areas come to the night market not only to interact and exchange goods but also to preserve their traditional culture and the roots of each ethnic group."

The Tủa Chùa Night Market encompasses sections dedicated to presenting agricultural products, traditional cuisine, and amusement areas. The most alluring space is the food area, where distinctive dishes like thắng cố, mountain goat, and fragrant corn wine are prepared and sold.

Adjacent to barbecue stalls and pots of boiling fragrant thắng cố, patrons gather to enjoy the chilly night weather while engaging in lively conversations. Amidst the sounds of mountains and forests and the embodiment of traditional cultural values, visitors to the Tủa Chùa Night Market should not overlook the stores selling local products such as purple taro, black turmeric, black ginger, cardamom, and indigenous herbs.

The market also features various items, including hand-embroidered shoes and self-forged agricultural tools. Notably, the Tủa Chùa Night Market boasts stalls exclusively selling goods via live stream. Sellers showcase flower plants from the mountainous region, such as kiều vàng (Dendrobium thyrsiflorum) and various orchids, in front of phone cameras during live stream sessions on social network platforms.

Phạm Ngọc Long, a live streamer at the market, emphasised that selling goods through live stream channels reaches customers who may not have the opportunity to visit the market. Typically, these items are agricultural and highland products that are in high demand in southern markets.

The Tủa Chùa Night Market has injected a "new breeze" into developing the district's tourism potential, particularly in experiential and discovery tourism. It plays a pivotal role in raising local awareness, responsibility, and tourism practices, contributing to the preservation and development of traditional culture. As a result, the night market has become an enticing destination for tourists eager to explore the culture, life, and traditional customs of ethnic groups in the area.

Tủa Chùa Night Market is a place that attracts residents and tourists every Saturday          night.
An overview of the Tủa Chùa Night Market.
Drinking wine in buffalo horns is considered a cultural beauty of many ethnic groups, including the Mông people.
Selling goods by live stream is one of the unique features at the Tủa Chùa Night Market.
Miss Hoa Ban of Điện Biên Province 2023 comes to the Tủa Chùa Night Market in Mông ethnic costumes.
Food stalls are always an attractive area that attracts many diners.


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