Spring Festival

ĐBP - With the onset of spring, life's vibrant beauty unfolds, enveloping the Northwestern region like a colorful and expansive brocade scarf. The pristine charm of the mountains lights up, and endless fields of flowers extend across valleys and slopes, infusing freshness through the breezy winds.

In Điện Biên, springtime brings forth a revitalizing atmosphere, where rich cultural values seamlessly blend with energetic vibes. Couples immerse themselves in the spring festival, surrounded by blooming peach blossoms and plum flowers, establishing a natural connection that orchestrates a magnificent spring symphony.

Visiting Điện Biên in the early days of spring reveals not only the majesty of nature but also the lively scenes of villagers calling out to one another amidst the expansive wilderness. The resonant beat of drums encourages everyone to quicken their pace and join in the festivities, creating an ambiance of joy and camaraderie.

Coming to the festival.

Ethnic Lào women washing their hair in the river.
Shopping for new clothes for the festivities.
The joy of festival.
Spring exists not in nature, but also in the hearts of people.


Photos: Trần Dũng - An Chi

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